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Rustic, Country and also Farmhouse style is actually very popular style of Interior Design.

For Country style is typical massive, sturdy and solid wood furniture. including massive leather sofa or chairs. We love to use this type of furniture for our refurbish projects.

The Rustic Type of furniture is suitable to refinish in French Provincial, Coastal or Shabby Chic.


Lots of our projects of Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinet Refinishing is in Farmhouse Style and We Love it.

We always buy Branded or High Quality Solid Wood Furniture for our Redo Projects.

 We Offer Quality Guarantee and Warranty Period for all our Furniture.

Do you want to refinish your furniture in a Farmhouse style?

Send us pictures of furniture of what you want to refinish and tell us your request

 We'll contact you back as soon as possible with our best price and solution.

Are you looking for Country Style furniture?

We are able to find furniture according to your specifications, pick it up,  refinish it, and deliver it back to you. 

Do you want to sell your furniture?

Send us pictures and dimensions of furniture that you want to sell.

We'll contact you back as soon as possible with our best offer.


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