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French Provincial or just Provence is actually one of the most popular style of Furniture using for Interior Design.

French Provincial Furniture is a form of Interior Design where furniture and furnishings are either chosen for their appearance of age / Vintage / and signs of wear and tear / Shabby Chic /.

Provence style or French Country Style are a mix of rustic elements and elegant details similar to the Baroque style. 

We Offer a Quality Guarantee and Warranty for our Furniture.

Do you want to refinish your furniture in z Provence Style?

Send us pictures of furniture of what you want to refinish and tell us your request.

We'll contact you back as soon as possible with our best price and solution.

Are you looking for French Provincial Style of Furniture?

We are able to find furniture according your specifications, pick it up, refinish it, and deliver it back to you. 

Do you want to sell your furniture?

Send us pictures and dimensions of furniture that you want to sell.

We'll contact you back as soon as possible with our best offer.


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